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Mature content
Cravings :icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 5 0
Whispers of Love
My whispers to your ears
just fall into the darkness
and you never hear
these secrets meant just for you
but I say them anyway
to ease the pressure and pain
upon my heart
so that it can beat
without killing itself
from the strain
of loving you with all that I am
are you an idiot
or do you know you're wonderful
my heart can't take the
strain and yet it tries
so that maybe one day I could
make you happy
but until then, I'll just
whisper into the dark.
:icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 0 0
Once a fool, always a fool,
I'm just not good enough for
what I want, for who I love,
the heart wants what it wants
but that's just not fair
for a heart that always falls
for what is out of it's reach,
past it's beats and out of love,
once a fool, always a fool.
:icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 0 0
Southern Grandeur by DisturbedGrave Southern Grandeur :icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 0 0 Lost Souls of Savannah by DisturbedGrave Lost Souls of Savannah :icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 0 0
Mature content
Shanghaied :icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 0 0
Mature content
Shanghaied :icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 0 0
Mature content
Shanghaied :icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 0 0
Mature content
Your Curse :icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 0 0
Gallery of Memory
Frozen winding paths tipped in snow;
enormous columns crowned with ice,
my breath hangs frosty in the air
when I visit the Gallery of Memory.
These columns are more than just décor,
the warmth of blood melts the surface;
pictures; suspended, lifeless, dead,
underneath the layers of winter's quartz.
First love, dead love, triumph and pain.
A child's laughter, a father's tears,
dreams from long off and forgotten times.
I often walk these shining paths,
gazing at portions of a life, my life,
that sooner not forgotten, held onto,
cherished and desperate not to let go.
If I can keep them, I can remember them;
mirrored underneath the ice and cold.
Laughs are precious, tears more so,
keep them preserved, treasured forever.
But it is cold here. The blood cannot stay warm.
As much as I adore the memories frozen here,
to the surface I must return,
where new Memories shall be made...frozen...
and placed here, in my Gallery of Memory.
You could be a part of it too...
:icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 1 0
I wish I was amazing
i wish I was worth your time
i wish I could be a peace of your mind
There's so much I want to be
there's so much I want to do
why can't i just hit pause and spend
my life with you?
You make me laugh
you make me sigh
...i wish you didn't make me cry.
I'm not good enough
that i already know
why can't i feel like i am
with you though?
the heart wants what it wants
that i can't change
but stop making me love you
before i go insane
:icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 1 0
Mature content
A Wish :icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 0 0
Heart-break, heart-ache,
give while he takes,
if only I were stronger -
maybe I could hold out longer...
But I'm not,
so I'll break again.
:icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 0 0
Love Bud
Maybe someday he'll see,
maybe someday he'll know.
Until that day,
that maybe day,
she'll sit and watch her garden grow.
:icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 2 0
Heartless Lullaby
If only
if only
doesn't do away
with lonely.
are just misty
What do you
want to find,
what will you
leave behind?
deep within
echoing despairing
lonely sin.
Heart beat,
drum beat,
who can even hear
in the street?
Pain in
her voice,
pain in her soul,
there is no choice.
Te amo,
no words soothe
to dream.
Sleep long,
sleep deep,
remember the words
as in dreams they creep...
:icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 1 0
Monster Hunter by DisturbedGrave Monster Hunter :icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 1 2

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So here I am, sitting in bed next to the man who changed my life. He's all wrapped up in the blankets, twitching slightly in his left shoulder (the one that got rewired during his surgeries.; His hair is a matted mess spread across both pillows (apparently he was on my side of the bed for a short time last night). And I just heard him do this little shuffling snore that he does when his nose is clogged up from his allergy. Laundry still in the washer and dryer, just reset the dryer (again, damn thing has to run twice to dry anything). The room is a mess, the bathroom needs to be cleaned...

But watching him sleep...occasionally wrapping my arms about him and feeling him breathe and shudder slightly in his dreams, makes me happy in ways I cannot describe. I look at him and realize that I will be waking up to his face for the rest of my life. And I couldn't, wouldn't, CAN'T...have it any other way. There's just something in the way he is, that completes me so very neatly. And believe it or not, this quiet little domestic scene started in a BDSM dungeon.

It was my first night to the Dungeon, my friend had dragged me there to make sure that she had a ride and a friend there, but soon she was gone in hustle of fire-cupping and learning how to throw whips. Leaving me in the dressing room, cowering from the rest of the people. I admit, I am usually a Pinkie Pie, laughing and joking and loud. But that night, I was a total Fluttershy! I couldn't meet anyone's eye and I had trouble speaking up. Then he walked up to me.

Long brown hair, glasses, tall, lean, wearing...traditional Renaissance Scotsman garb? He even had a rapier belted to his side. He had seen the coin pendant about my neck and had to know what I had gotten on it when I had it beaten. (Celtic Pentagram and Zodiac Wheel). He actually made them for his job! We fell into talking about Renaissance Faires (he was actually supposed to be working one the next morning, which is why he was all dolled up) and eventually we made our way into the dungeon. Suddenly, neither of us could speak again. I was looking at the ground, at the ropes, at the people doing fire-cupping...anywhere but at him.

"Would...would you like to play?"

I blushed crimson.

"The couches are quieter, less noise and people. It'll be more comfortable."

I blushed a bit brighter and looked up at him.

"I'll only do what you're comfortable with."

Thought for a few moments. The darkness and heavy metal playing over the speakers made it a little hard to concentrate. I opened my mouth and "Yes." came out. He smiled, took my hand and lead me towards the couches. Three and a half hours of knife and sensation play later, I was a gooey giggly mess and he was a grinning fool. We almost couldn't be separated. Two and a half months later...engaged, living together and with two cats to boot. I couldn't be happier.

Not even if I was offered a Hogwarts letter, a trip to Narnia, real pixie dust or even...all the money in Gringotts bank! :XD:
  • Watching: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Eating: Pasta and parmesan
  • Drinking: Crush Orange Soda


Party cannon to the face!
Com'n, everypony, smile, smile, smile! Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine! All I really need is a smile, smile, smile, from these happy friends of mine!

Well, that and sugar. Lots of sugar. Oh! And caffeine! Infectious laughter doesn't happen all by itself, you know. ^^ Silly ponies.

Current Residence: somewhere. I'm not quite sure where...but I can hear a party...
Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks, country, Broadway and some rock. Nightwish, especially.
Favourite style of art: Written word, photography, painting, abstract art
Operating System: Xbox 360 (SKYRIM!)
Skin of choice: My own


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